Dispersing unit


Versatile and fully-automated wet dispersion unit for fine dispersed products

SUCELL is an automated wet dispersing unit for particle size analysis of all kinds of suspensions or stable emulsions in the size range of 0.1 µm to about 1,750 µm. It operates in a closed loop and can be used with all sensors of the HELOS family.

Starting in a stainless steel basin which is equipped with an overflow and two level sensors, up to 500 ml of suspension are homogenised by two speed controlled stirrers. The suspension is pumped by a speed controlled silent drive peristaltic pump through a stainless steel flow-through cuvette back into the basin.

The dispersion can be improved by the addition of tensides and the built-in ultrasonication unit: 0 to 60 W of output power can be adjusted by software control in 1% steps. All functions like filling, degassing, ultrasonication, circulation, draining are defined and executed by the application software. The operational parameters can be individually defined with respect to the application.

The cuvette can easily be removed and disassembled for cleaning purpose. Cuvettes with two different path lengths with 4 or 2 mm are available allowing for an optimum adaptation to the particle size and the concentration.

If frequent changes between dry and wet dispersion are required then the SUCELL is optionally available with the proven dry dispersion unit RODOS as a combined dry and wet dispersion unit OASIS. SUCELL/L combined with RODOS/L to OASIS/L is designed both for use in the HELOS laser diffraction sensors and for dynamic image analysis with the QICPIC sensors and can thus be applied additionally for dry and wet dispersion for analysis of particle shape and particle size.

The Small Volume Adapter SVA is an add-on for SUCELL and OASIS. It is designed as a basin in the basin and reduces the necessary amount of liquid for the particle size analysis of suspensions and emulsions from about 500 ml to less than 50 ml.

After manual insertion of the SVA into the SUCELL the software automatically detects the SVA and adapts the operating parameters accordingly (e.g. by reducing the maximum pumping speed and the rotating speed of the stirrer). All standard functions of the SUCELL, i.e. filling, additive supply, circulation, degasing, draining and sonication are maintained using the SVA.

For applications with a higher product throughput, there is also an option to incorporate a liquid reprocessing system in the form of LIQIBACK in order to ensure a sustainable use of the dispersing liquid. It consists of two suspension reservoirs and filter/pump trolley for all kinds of closed loop wet dispersers.

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