Dispersing unit


Pre-disperser for gentle separation and supply of dry, even curled and entangled fibres

FIBROS is a dry disperser specially designed for the gentle separation of dry as well as heavily entangled fibre collectives and the subsequent analysis with QICPIC. Fibre parameters such as length, diameter and straightness can be measured automatically without the time consuming manual separation of the individual fibres. High efficiency and throughput of the separation is obtained by the well-known and proven method for cotton spinning “combing and carding”.

With the use of diverse combinations of standard laboratory sieves and brushes, FIBROS can be adapted to numerous applications. Dry fibres within the dimensions of 500 µm to 30,000 µm length and 5 µm to 5,000 µm diameter will be dispersed both gently and efficiently. Thousands of fibres are completely dispersed within a few minutes and carried to the measuring zone through the GRADIS fall shaft by an airstream.

FIBROS performs an automatic and gentle dispersion of even strongly agglomerated fibre assemblies by a sophisticated combination of rotating nozzle and brush with static card and sieve. All shape descriptors such as fibre length and diameter, straightness or elongation are determined within the shortest amount of time with the application software. Results are displayed quantitatively as a distribution as well as qualitatively in a particle gallery.

All dispersion parameters such as rotational speed of nozzle and brush as well as the primary pressure for the nozzle and the vacuum inside are adjusted and monitored either by software or control panel. Easy access to the dispersing chamber and the fall shaft ensure a thorough and comfortable cleaning of parts in contact with fibre.
There are two options available for using FIBROS:

  • Stand-alone | Compact setup with shortened GRADIS fall shaft
  • Add-on | Platform for GRADIS with standard length fall shaft
Typical Configuration


Image Analysis | Dry
Fibre diameter: 1.8 µm - 5,000 µm
Fibre length: 500 µm - 30,000 µm
Sample amount: 0.5 g - 20 g

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