Particle Measurement


Whether in batch or in continuous production, reliable quality assurance and process control demand prompt and meaningful information about the relevant control parameters and target values. The representative sampling from the process is the first and most important step on the way to a reliable particle size analysis. Only the analysis of a sample that also represents the totality of the product stream will enable reliable process control and valid quality inspections.

An effective measurement system for characterisation of the particle size is normally capable of limiting analysis errors in three sequential measurements on a sample to a standard deviation of less than 1%. During the course of a process analysis, a significantly larger source of error is normally the sampling step, in particular on inhomogeneous, widely distributed or multi-modal disperse products. It is also a requirement of any analysis sample obtained from the process that it reliably represents the distribution characteristics of the entire product stream in terms of particle size or particle shape. Errors made during sampling can no longer be rectified even with correct analysis and usually lead to results that are not very meaningful or reliable.

For coupling of our analysis systems to your process, we offer a wide selection of different samplers that can be used to obtain representative analysis samples. By integrating the sampling step in the relevant process stages, it is possible to obtain clocked or continuous real-time analyses that permit reliable monitoring and precise process control. The sampling units together with our laser diffraction and image analysis systems constitute a low-maintenance and reliable, ready-to-measure on-line or in-line solutions for your process. Our experienced engineering team will be glad to help you make the right selection and individually specify and integrate a suitable sampler for your product and for your process.

Sampling systems for the process