With the occupation of our new headquarters Pulverhaus on the premises of the historical Caroline mine in 2004, the corporate culture of Sympatec GmbH has been reshaped. The establishment of the new company location within the region, in which our employees are living, now became another task. Appealing initiatives and suitable corporate citizenship projects should not only radiate into the community but the Pulverhaus in return would become an open house for the interested people from the region on certain occasions. But first and foremost, the inviting and representative building created a whole new quality for the reception of and care for interested customers from all over the world. For us, the Pulverhaus brand home promotes an open, hospitable and confident approach as a requested premium vendor.

When entering the Pulverhaus a particular spirit is in the air. Next to historical artefacts, which give reference to the mining region, especially the international flags, which are pending from the ceiling and the parade of headgear, presented on the open galleries, catch your eye. More than 80 percent of our business is found abroad and is managed by our international team in the local branches – supported by our particle experts in Pulverhaus. This cultural diversity needs a high degree of flexibility when dealing with new challenges and asks for confidence in the skills and the integrity of our widely dispersed employees and partners, who actively and successfully drive our geographical expansion. We expect a high level of self-reliance and a good sense of responsibility from all our employees in order to flexibly meet the requirements in dealing with customers. For their professional development and frequent exchange of knowledge – but also to celebrate together – regular international meetings with employees and partners from all over the world are held at Pulverhaus. Even though we are spread all over the world and encounter different settings and cultures we are still united in a very strong and distinctive corporate culture. All our employees know that they make an important contribution to our overall success and that we are full of confidence and rely on them.

Our complex business purpose – particle measurement technology – is appealing mainly to the nearby experts from the Technical University of Clausthal and relevantly interested customers. That is why we decided to also create a mixing zone for common interest with selected corporate citizenship projects apart from our mere business activities. At best, we are able to develop a potential for identification for our Sympatec employees as well as for the people of the region and visitors from all over the world.