We develop, manufacture, sell, service and support instruments for the analysis of particle size and particle shape. In 1984, Sympatec was established in Remlingen close to Wolfenbüttel as the first spin-off of Clausthal Technical University with venture capital of a Swiss holding and the know-how and patents of scientists from the Harz mountains. Two third of today’s staff members work at Pulverhaus and one third with daughter companies in the USA, UK and Switzerland plus in 20 foreign branch offices for sales and aftersales service in 12 countries. All in all 50 of the most relevant industrialised countries are supported with agents and traders and together with our OEMs and distributors a total of more than 75 countries are supplied.

The technologies offered by Sympatec, comprising laser diffraction, image analysis, ultrasonic extinction and dynamic light scattering, largely extend the human sensorial abilities for the determination of the fineness of powders and other disperse systems. Unique feature and basis for the business success was the invention of dry dispersion, which opened a new dimension to particle size analysis in terms of speed, precision and product adaptation. Our vision of the "better particles" characterises our innovation strategy and is realised with our mission of "best instruments". Furthermore we are the only world-wide producer of particle analysing technology in private ownership and thus independent of short- and mid-term oriented financial investors. Our focus is consequently on the requirements of your particles and processes to support you as the reliable and competent particle expert in the long run.

The initially established technology oriented company first developed into a Hidden Champion, later evolving from a creative company with more market oriented “particle people” into an enterprise showing all characteristics of a “Moonshot”. The dispersion of dry, very fine to very coarse powders (50 % of about 50,000 disperse products) was the challenge for Sympatec. With fortune and creativity, a radical solution such as the non-destructive entrainment of particles for separation (singling) by transformation of pressure into speed with rapid acceleration was found. The breakthrough success was then realised with a stunning technology which was meticulously developed: Dry dispersion combined with modular Laser Diffraction and Dynamic Image Analysis.

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The Silicon Valley definition of a “Moonshot” is addressing a major challenge. It is an ambitious, innovative and pioneering project, being implemented with patience not expecting short-term profitability or benefit and with no professional investigation of potential risks and advantages.