Fast, repeatable and reproducible fibre length analysis of nitrocellulose

Fibre length of nitrocellulose (NC) is a critical quality parameter; it influences, for example, the burning behaviour. At the same time it is used as a characteristic value for process relevant properties, as it reflects the degree of fragmentation, grinding and processing.

Previously, indirect measurements for fibre lengths, e.g. measurement of fineness, setting value, water retention value or drain ability have been used during the production of nitrocellulose in correspondence to STANAG Norm 4178 ed2. These indirect measurements allow conclusions about fibre lengths, however, they are not a direct measurement. Changes to the method of raw material delivery, e.g. as bale or mats, or processing conditions can have profound influence on performance and it is essential that the analytical method is sensitive to these changes.

Fibre characterisation of nitrocellulose

Dynamic image analysis with QICPIC can determine the fibre length directly, even of curved and multi-axle fibres. The results can be displayed as fibre count or length distributions by the software. One measurement lasts less than one minute and detects far more than one million particles. This ensures the statistical relevance of the results.

  • Fast, repeatable and reproducible analysis of fibre length
  • Direct calculation of fibre length
  • Sample dispersion adjusted to production process | wet or dry
  • Results independent of raw material

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Application strengths

  • Repeatable and reproducible results within minutes
  • Fast and direct determination of fibre length
  • Fibre length output as count or length distribution
  • Excellent statistical confidence with large amount of sample | Analysis volume up to 1 litre

Customer benefits

  • Compliance with given standards and regulations
  • Direct fibre length determination » Reliable results independent of raw material
  • Improved process efficiency with fast analysis method
  • Fewer off-spec batches due to prompt process intervention
  • Reduced process delay due to prevention of time-consuming analysis

Typical configurations



Image Analysis | Wet
Size range: 1 µm - 2,000 µm
Analysis volume: 20 ml - 5 l/min

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