Suction … our industrial extraction system!

The dispersion and measurement of solid particles or liquid droplets in the free aerosol jet demands complete, vacuum-assisted extraction of the particles from the measuring zone after analysis. Professional industrial vacuum cleaners deliver constant flow conditions and reliable extraction of the measured particles. They not only prevent contamination of the optical components or contamination of the measuring zone, but they also ensure safe, dust-free working conditions.

For off-line applications in the laboratory with up to several hundred measurements every day, we recommend suction system classes M or H (for high or highest requirements) – depending on the hazard potential of the materials being analysed. The filter elements are changed and cleaned manually; depending on the dust class, this is done to either low-dust or dust-free conditions. For highly potent materials, pharmaceutical vacuum cleaners with special, safe filter change systems are available. An upstream cyclone is available as an accessory, which pre-separates up to 99% of the measured sample and thus reduces the strain on the downstream components.

For applications with a higher sample throughput, e.g. in process environments (on-line) or in automated laboratories (at-line), high-performance extraction systems with automatic filter cleaning are used. For highly flammable, combustible or explosive substances we supply certified vacuum cleaners that are approved for potentially explosive applications. These can be combined with a pre-separator in order to maximise operational safety and reliability.

The industrial extraction systems we use form an integral part of the overall system and are therefore included in the acceptance test of a particle analysis system prior to delivery.