Dosing unit


Dosing unit for suspensions and emulsions in a closed-loop set-up or in flow-through mode with LIXELL

LIQXI is the optimum choice for the wet disperser LIXELL, if a closed loop or one-shot application is required for fine particles in a range from 0.1 µm to 500 µm measured in suspension. LIQXI was specially designed to operate with micro cuvettes and tiny gap widths down to 30 µm as required by the lower measuring ranges of QICPIC.

Special care has been taken to optimise the flow conditions for all LIXELL cuvette types from 0.03 mm to 1 mm for particle sizes up to 500 µm. For suspensions with coarse particles or broad size distributions a special beaker is provided, which acts in combination with a stainless steel baffle and an axially operating stirrer as a small flow reactor avoiding any segregation and thus demixing of the suspension. So not only the sizes but also the mass fractions of the particle size distribution are provided for the corresponding disperser LIXELL at very high precision.

Additionally, standard 250 ml glass beakers can be used for sample supply. The suspension is perfectly homogenised already at low stirrer speeds by a ViscoJet® stainless steel stirrer. In a closed loop application the homogenised suspension is taken and pumped by a powerful speed controlled peristaltic pump through the cuvette of the LIXELL and back to the same beaker. In one shot operation, the suspension is drained in a second glass beaker on the stainless steel tray behind the feeding beaker.

For simple handling, the beaker can be inserted and released by a clamp holder. A special sensor for the operators hand releases the magnetic lock of the beaker holder and allows for precise lowering and lifting of the beaker with only little force. The stirrers can be assembled/disassembled easily from below without tools. A removable stainless steel tray collects possible drops from the hoses/stirrers while exchanging the beakers. The temperature of the suspension is controlled by a contactless infrared thermometer.


  • Blisters for fast and handy replacement of all hoses and pipes, including the hoses for the peristaltic pump
  • Different gasket-sets and hose materials for special liquids
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Size range: 1 µm - 500 µm
Analysis volume: 250 ml - 400 ml

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