Particle Measurement

Application Software

Sympatec’s proprietary software is realised as contemporary Windows® 64 bit software basing on .net, C# and the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in a network oriented multi-user, multitasking database infrastructure. For laboratory or process applications – it is the joint base for all Sympatec instruments.

The user interface is flexibly adaptable to the requirements of the specific application addressing all functions and offering intuitive solutions for reliable measurement operations. With a wide range of individual options, adaptations to all available sensors and dispersing units are managed. These incorporate e.g., creation of SOP‘s and generation of user-defined and automated analysis procedures. Prior to a measurement, the operator is prompted through the analysis and requested to enter the necessary information. For every application a number of individual parameters can be set by operators with adequate user rights. In this way, pre-set measurement conditions are protected from arbitrary manipulation. After each measurement, all raw data with measurement conditions is automatically stored in the data base. A subsequent evaluation according to user-specific criteria is possible as well as commenting or editing of defined user parameters but depending on user rights.

The application software provides graphical presentations, tables, and paper reports that can be chosen from a variety of pre-defined formats. If desired, far-reaching editor functions enable a completely user-designed layout of reports and graphs. Data filter and browser functions simplify the retrieval of existing analysis data. For increasingly established quality control environments the software is designed to comply with specific requests of regulated industries. For pharmaceutical users, the software contains all features necessary to help customers achieve 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

The application software supports distributed Sympatec systems and database servers that are connected as client/server structure by a corporate network. All Sympatec sensor technologies: laser diffraction, dynamic image analysis, ultrasonic extinction and dynamic light scattering are controlled by a single consistent software.