The versatile classic for automated particle size analyses for suspensions and emulsions from 0.1 µm to 875 µm

Together with the powerful wet dispersion unit SUCELL, the compact laser diffraction sensor HELOS/BR offers reliable and true-to-method particle size analysis for fine dispersed suspensions and emulsions from 0.1 µm to 875 µm. Equipped with a stainless steel basin with a nominal volume of 500 ml and a peristaltic pump, SUCELL is a proven solution for closed loop measurement tasks. For smaller sample volumes, a small volume adapter (SVA) allows the analysis volume to be reduced to 50 ml.

The powerful sonication is capable of dispersing even highly agglomerated suspensions directly in the basin. Two immersible stirrers reliably homogenise the sample, and the pump ensures that there is a uniform flow through the measurement cuvette. The cuvette type used with layer thicknesses of 2 mm or 4 mm is automatically detected. Rinsing, filling, degassing, addition of additives, pump and stirrer speeds, sonication and the trigger for the measurement can be controlled using the operating panel or the software and saved as retrievable measuring methods (Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)).

Different materials are available for gaskets and tubes to ensure that the chemical resistance is matched to the dispersing liquid (Marprene®, silicone, FKM, EPDM or CHEM-SURE®).

The modular concept of the HELOS laser diffraction series allows this configuration to be systematically expanded with numerous dispersion units and dosing options to open up many more product-appropriate measuring applications. If frequent changes between dry and wet dispersion are required then the SUCELL is optionally available with the proven dry dispersion unit RODOS as a combined dry and wet dispersion unit OASIS. For applications with a higher product throughput, there is also an option to incorporate a liquid reprocessing system in the form of LIQIBACK in order to ensure a sustainable use of the dispersing liquid.

  • Particle size and particle size distribution
  • For suspensions and emulsions
  • For analyses in the laboratory
  • Analysis volume 500 ml | 50 ml w/ small volume adapter
  • 5 high-resolution measuring ranges from 0.1 µm to 875 µm | R1 to R5T
  • Automatic adjustment of all dispersion parameters | Software-controlled
  • Double stirrer unit | Integrated sonication | Energy input 0 to 60 W
  • Closed loop | Peristaltic pump
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