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Sympatec GmbH was founded in 1984 as the first spin-off of the Technical University of Clausthal. Together with strong particle knowledge, a hand full of patents, encouraged by first orders and a venture capitalist – the Suisse RIETER Holding AG, a group of Clausthal scientists got on its way to develop the dry dispersion method for particle sizing and stir up the international market. Starting from a private Clausthal basement (Engineering office PANTUC | 1981 to 1988) Sympatec GmbH was established at the founding site of Machine Works Remlingen (MAREM | 1984 to 1990), which also was the first production site. General Management, Engineering Office, and customer-related departments such as Sales, After-Sales and Application Laboratory found a first home in the Technology Centre Clausthal (TECLA | 1984 to 2004). As a consequence of a management buyout in 1988, the innovative measuring and dispersion systems for laboratory and process applications were developed, manufactured and shipped worldwide from our new production site at the business park Unternehmenspark Goslar (UPG | 1991 to 2004). Founded in Clausthal in 2004, the newly constructed Pulverhaus infrastructure embodies our pioneering spirit in a unique competence centre for Particle Technology. The worldwide headquarters collect strategic management and all business operations under one roof.

Pulverhaus is home base to our Sales and Application Engineers, which dedicate their profound advice and application support to our existing and future customers in the middle and north of Germany. But of course, the collective expertise in Sales, Application Laboratory, After-Sales and Development, which is found in Pulverhaus, is open to all our international customers and partners alike. We feel at home in various scientific and industrial fields which address production and processing of powders, fibres, granules, suspensions, emulsions, solid and droplet aerosols, such as

  • Pharma and Life Science | APIs, excipients, preparations, sprays und inhalants
  • Specialty Chemistry | Polymer Chemistry | Particle formation | Catalysts
  • Building materials | Cement, lime, gypsum …
  • Food products | Coffee, chocolate, additives, flavours …
  • Metal powders | Ceramic powder | Sintered materials | Refractories
  • Pigments, paints, coatings, inks …
  • Mining | Ores, industrial minerals, rare earths, carbons
  • Engineering | Grinding gears, spraying systems …

Our central Application Laboratory offers the full range of Sympatec systems, all set-up for demonstrations and hands-on trials. We are also pleased to present our process analytical technologies to you in our Technology Centre. Whether you would like to consign your samples to our lab or prefer an on-site demonstration at your facility, we are pleased to provide support in the development and advancement of suitable analytical methods. For a trial installation in your lab or a preliminary integration into your process in order to yield true measurement data, please feel free to make contact.

Our GMP-certified application laboratory together with a team of experienced particle technologists, scientists and qualified scientific assistants is pleased to serve you with taster analysis, contract analysis, user trainings, expert seminars or any other kind of application support.

In our application laboratory, we operate the full range of Sympatec lab systems for dry, wet and spray applications. We are equipped with the modular HELOS laser diffraction sensors and QICPIC sensors for dynamic image analysis together with all dosing and dispersion options. For the characterisation of particle size and stability of nanodispersions our DLS sensor NANOPHOX is at your disposal with photon cross-correlation (PCCS). Highly concentrated and optically opaque samples are best measured acoustically with ultrasonic extinction either with table top sensor NIMBUS or in a pump circulated set-up with OPUS.

Trainings and seminars are customized to your needs. We offer different formats that best suit your interest, starting from training modules of half a day up to expert seminars over two days. Typical aspects comprise initial system operation and system care and might be extended to method development, evaluation and presentation of results. We are also happy to introduce you to more general aspects such as sampling, sample preparation and an overview of particle characterisation methods. Let us know your specific interest!

Our in-house Technology Center provides demo systems covering all Sympatec technologies for in process use or the automated lab environment. We are prepared to showcase sampling from mass flows of dry bulk solids in a down-pipe using TWISTER, probes and screw samplers. Non-hazardous customer samples, which are provided as bagged products, in drums or in big bags, are either measured with laser diffraction systems from the MYTOS family or the PICTOS sensors for dynamic image analysis. For wet disperse systems we offer a pumped measuring circuit together with OPUS for ultrasonic extinction.

All measuring systems, which are manufactured for automated labs or integration into your process, are being built up in the Technology Center ready for measurements during production. They have to pass a comprehensive acceptance test with functional and operational qualification in order to guarantee best performing instruments before their initial set-up at the customer site.

Whether you want to discover our sampling systems and measuring technologies or be part of our final acceptance test of your customized system – we are looking forward to your visit.

Our experienced After-sales team is skilled in both laboratory installations and demanding process integration. This includes programming of customer-specific measurement routines and integration in process control systems. If required, we are readily available for maintenance, repair and re-certification and of course we are pleased to advise on your smaller application issues and questions. Service contracts tailored to your needs – with defined response times if desired – offer professional system care at predictable costs with scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance which ensure a long-lasting dependable operation.

Our team is at your service with help and advice right from day one of your purchase. We carry out the initial system set-up at your site and give support with a brief introduction to basic operation and system care when you run your system for the first time. Our telephone support is available to you throughout the entire systems life. Furthermore, we are your source for consumables and reference materials and ensure the supply of spare parts. We are looking forward to supporting you!

With 3 subsidiaries, 20 Sympatec offices and representations in 12 countries and a network of qualified partners we are represented in over 50 countries worldwide. We are close to our customers and offer comprehensive sales, qualified application support and dependable service. In addition to our central application laboratory in Pulverhaus you will find dedicated regional Sympatec laboratories on the American and Asian continent. Together with international distributors and OEM partners we supply about 75 countries overall.

All our Sales and After-sales operations are supported by our Pulverhaus staff. Regions, which are not served through a local partner at this time, are supported directly by our headquarters or regional main offices. We constantly observe the development of the relevant markets and strive to support our international customers at their sites the best possible way. Accordingly, our Business Development is geared towards the needs of our customers and generates support capacities in sales, application consulting and after-sales service with regard to a sustainable strategy for geographic reach.

Our innovation strategy is driven by our vision of “better particles” which is put into practice by our mission of “best instruments”. Today, we are the only vendor of particle measurement technology worldwide that is privately owned and independent of short- and mid-term oriented investments. We consistently keep your particles and methods in focus in order to further develop and become the most coveted particle expert.

Our international market activities are organised close to our customers in order to share the expertise of our application specialists and to offer a first-hand impression of the operational performance of our instruments. With more than 100 events per year worldwide we are approachable and prepared to run your samples. As part of our own Particle Measurement Tour we organise about 60 seminars to present our technologies in detail and offer hands-on experience. Bring your samples and have your products analysed on appropriate equipment.

We size your particles!

As particle people we originate from the field of Powder Technology and Process Engineering. Today, the collective particle expertise of our physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers and mechanics merge in development, design and manufacture of our innovative and application-oriented measuring systems. Interdisciplinary teams in method and product development strive for the best solutions for high-performing measuring instruments of lasting value to control your disperse products in laboratory and process applications.

The systems are built-to-order by qualified craftsmen, masters and technicians in our manufacture. During production, functional and operational qualifications are carried out for components as well as for the complete system. Only if all tests are passed, can the system be certified accordingly and released for customer operations. All Sympatec systems are being manufactured according to the same, strict quality criteria in Pulverhaus only and shipped to our customers worldwide. This is how we provide high-performing and reliably operating systems with an outstanding system-to-system comparability and unmatched repeatability and reproducibility.

Design, Engineering and Manufacture – Quality Made in Germany.

Pulverhaus is the brand home to the Sympatec instruments: founded in Clausthal at a famous location with a fine tradition in innovation. It is known as one of the few centres of excellence for powder technology, enjoying an outstanding global reputation. We are a regular host to the national and international technical bodies of particle technology such as ProcessNet and ISO and of course to our most important partners – our customers. We are looking forward to your visit!

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