Dispersing units

Dry Dispersion

Dry dispersion is the go-to method for demanding applications of dry powders, granulates, fibres and other bulk solids, which are to be characterised in their original, dry state. Both fine, cohesive particles and coarser, metastable particles from under 0.1 µm to 4,000 µm are accelerated using powerful and easily dosable compressed air dispersion, and reliably and reproducibly dispersed in RODOS free jet. Gentle gravitational dispersion in the GRADIS freefall shaft, which combines acceleration in the gravitational field with deflector plate cascade, is available for slightly fluid, coarsely dispersed particles from 10 µm to 10,000 µm. FIBROS dispersion is used for the fast and reliable characterisation of fibres ranging from 500 µm to 30,000 µm in length and 5 µm to 5,000 µm in diameter. The combination of a carding unit, brush, sieve and jet nozzle quickly disperses even tangled fibre collectives, and feeds the separated fibres to the image analysis sensor in the airflow.