Compressed Air

The energy source for efficient dry dispersion in the free aerosol jet

The energy for the dispersion of dry, powder samples in the injection disperser RODOS, the combined dry and wet disperser OASIS or the on-line measurement systems MYTOS & PICTOS is provided by compressed air. When selecting a suitable compressor in terms of design and performance, the quality of the compressed air is key in addition to its operating pressure and the capacity to deliver the required amount of air. For example, RODOS dry dispersion normally requires air at rates from just under 100 l/min to over 600 l/min – depending on the injector calibre and the applied primary pressure (up to 6 bar). For reliable dispersion conditions and meaningful measurement results, an air quality is required that is free from particles, humidity and oil (purity in accordance with ISO 8573-1:2010 [1:3:1]).

Our delivery standard is the compact and quiet range of compressors in the LFx series from Atlas Copco, which are designed for maintenance-free and reliable continuous operation. The piston compressors are oil-free and equipped with an additional filter and drying unit. With a capacity matched to the relevant application, they reliably cover the demand for compressed air in the required quality.