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Demanding measuring technology requires regular inspection and maintenance, to ensure long-term outstanding quality and precision of the measuring instruments. A professionally trained team of highly qualified service employees and specially trained technicians takes care of Sympatec instruments worldwide. In addition to our own employees we can rely upon our network of authorized partners, to access even remote areas quickly. This way we ensure our clients the performance and optimal utilization of the measuring systems.

Starting with the order confirmation, our After-Sales Service will support you with advice and help in regards to the environmental conditions for the instruments. As soon as the delivery date is being confirmed, our engineers arrange with you the preferred date of installation, the briefing of the users and, if necessary, a validation support. If requested, we will visit the planned installation site together to ensure the availability of utility connections and to plan the installation with your production engineers in detail. For a responsive and cost efficient error analysis, a TeamViewer®-Software can be installed upon request. This software can also be used for measuring system settings to optimize the measuring routine or the display of results. A qualified telephone or email support for questions about the instruments is at your service during regular office hours, free-of-charge and throughout the entire life span of the Sympatec instruments.

Maintenance contracts

During the entire working life of your Sympatec systems you will reach highest availability and quality through different service levels within the framework of maintenance contracts. By using this sustainable system care, a lasting operational safety and availability is guaranteed – at predictable and transparent costs. You may choose between different maintenance contracts, which reach from yearly inspections to all-inclusive contracts including a complete system re-certification with Sympatec reference material, containing spare parts as well as labor costs.

Of course we offer individual maintenance concepts or services outside of maintenance contract on demand, which exactly match your requirements. In any case, our qualified service engineers offer worldwide professional support and system care. Please contact your service representative to discuss your requirements in detail.

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  • Installation, commissioning, telephone support and remote maintenance by experienced service employees
  • Preventative maintenance and system care
  • Support through re-certification and validation
  • Supply of spare parts, consumables and software updates
  • Professional on-site fault recovery | also with defined response times
  • Individually tailored maintenance packages
  • Programming of user specific measuring routines
  • Optimisation of measuring operations

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Central After-Sales Service

Sympatec GmbH
System | Partikel | Technik
Am Pulverhaus 1
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Phone +49 5323 717 320
Fax +49 5323 717 229

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After-Sales Service Americas

Sympatec Inc.
System | Partikel | Technik
1600, Reed Road, Suite C
Pennington NJ 08534

Phone +1 609 303 0066
Fax +1 609 303 0365

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After-Sales Service China

Sympatec GmbH
System | Partikel | Technik
Room 1118 Genway Tower
No. 188 Wangdun Road, SIP
215123 Suzhou
PR China

Phone +86 512 6660 7566
Fax +86 512 6660 7599

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