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Large volume flow cell for suspensions and emulsions with coarse particles

The large volume flow cuvette FLOWCELL is applicable for the dynamic image analysis with QICPIC of suspensions with coarse particles from 10 µm to more than 10,000 µm. The particle size for soft disperse materials extends up to 16,000 µm. Flow diameters of 10 mm and 20 mm enable a sample throughput of more than 10 l/min and 20 l/min, respectively, to achieve representative particle numbers.

FLOWCELL is a very flexible open-loop cell for measuring of coarse particles in liquids such as pulps in juice or polymers, e.g. ion-exchangers. It could be also used for particles reacting sensitively to pressure or shear stress in emulsions as well as agglomeration processes or polymerisation.

It comprises a basic unit mounted in the measuring zone of QICPIC with a hose connection down to a drain. A vertical robust stainless steel cuvette, which bottom connection can be manually pushed into the O-ring seal of the basic unit. This connects the cuvette to the lower hose. The cuvette is fixed in its position by a swivelling cuvette holder. The vertical position of the cuvette can be exactly aligned to the illuminating beam. The top hose is connected via a screw connector and thus can be simply released. The cuvette holder is equipped with two black metal cylinders on both side for laser safety.

In a typical application the sample is fed to the cuvette from a container located above the FLOWCELL. The sample is driven by gravity passing the cuvette into the drain or a second container underneath the table. No power supply or control of the device are required. The FLOWCELL can be used for all members of the QICPIC family in combination with the measuring ranges M8 or M9.


  • FLOWCELL is available with two interchangeable flow cuvettes with 10 mm or 20 mm gap widths.
  • The standard gasket material is silicone. Other materials are available on request.
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Image Analysis | Wet
Size range: 11 µm - 16,000 µm
Analysis volume: 10 l/min - 20 l/min

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