Determination of the size and shape of coarse particles up to over 10,000 µm in suspensions with dynamic image analysis

In combination with the high-volume flow cuvette FLOWCELL, the image analysis sensor QICPIC is ideally suited for reliable analysis of the size, shape or fibre characteristics of particles from 11 µm to over 10,000 µm in suspensions. Large flow volumes are gently guided as a “one shot” measurement through the measuring zone. Stainless steel cuvettes with flow diameters of 10 mm or 20 mm are available in order to adapt the flow cell to the product. With soft or fibrous particles – such as fruit pulp or soil particles – the range of particle sizes that is mastered goes up to 16,000 µm. Thanks to the telecentric optics used, even transparent particles can be depicted with pinpoint accuracy and correctly evaluated in terms of their size and shape.

FLOWCELL comprises a base carrier into which the two cuvette types can be optionally placed and the interfaces for connection to the supply and discharge of the product stream. In a typical measurement setup, one sample container is above the measurement system, the sample is gravity-fed to the measurement cuvette and collected in a container positioned underneath the system. A peristaltic pump arranged downstream of the cuvette ensures a regulated and consistent sample flow during the measurement. The flow diameters of the connecting hoses are 10 mm and 20 mm and ensure a sample throughput rate of up to over 20 l/min. Even with an analysis volume of 20 l, the measurement and evaluation are performed very quickly, with a time of around 5 minutes required.

FLOWCELL is equipped as standard with connecting hoses made of silicone and gaskets made of FKM (Viton®). Other parts that are in contact with the product are non-corrosive and resistant as they are manufactured in stainless steel or quartz glass.

  • Particle size, particle shape and their distributions | Fibre characterisation
  • For coarsely dispersed suspensions, even with fragile particles
  • For analyses in the laboratory | Also process-oriented
  • 2 high-resolution measuring ranges from 11 µm to 16,000 µm | M8 to M9
  • Operation as flow-through measurement cell
  • 10 mm and 20 mm flow diameters
  • Analysis volume up to over 20 l
  • Volumetric flow up to over 20 l/min

The modular concept of the QICPIC image analysis sensors allows this configuration to be systematically expanded with numerous dispersion units and dosing options, thereby opening it up to many more product-appropriate measuring applications.

Typical Application
Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice

Dispersed systems

Unit operations

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