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Use our GMP certified laboratory located in the Pulverhaus for professional contract analyses when necessary or for analyses subject to release within a contractually agreed framework. All laboratory tasks are being performed by experienced particle technologists, natural scientists as well as qualified scientific assistants.

Our laboratory is equipped with all Sympatec systems and delivers analytical results based upon your requirements. You may choose between laser diffraction, dynamic image analysis, dynamic light scattering with PCCS and ultrasonic extinction. Our modular systems offer all possibilities for a product specific measurement of dry and wet samples as well as sprays and inhalants, using a variety of dosing options and dispersing variants. To guarantee significant results, a possible sample preparation can be arranged using analysis scales, sieves and filters as well as rotating rifflers, ultrasonic probes, centrifuges, heating systems and mixer.

Profit from our more than 30 years of experience in particle measurement technology. We would like to help you, either by developing methods, defining standard operation procedures (SOPs) or by validation studies for solid, semi-solid or liquid products. Next to other criteria we especially analyse the

  • Particle size and particle form distribution
  • Repeatability
  • Reproducibility
  • Stability.

Our measurement reports offer detailed information about particle characteristics and often deliver brand new insights and findings. In order to send us your samples, please get in touch with us and give us a few details about your measuring task and the sample’s specifications. We look forward to your challenge!

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