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Sympatec celebrates milestone: 5000th HELOS sensor for Particle Size analysis sold

04. Dec 2023

Sympatec is pleased to deliver the 5000th HELOS laser diffraction sensor to our Spanish partner agency NOVATEC. With almost 40 years of experience and a pioneering history of innovation, Sympatec is an established partner for sophisticated particle measurement technology.

HELOS series: An evolution in particle measurement technology

The HELOS series proudly marks almost four decades of successful company history. It all began with the RODOS dry dispersion in the parallel beam path of the HELOS sensor, which has been a reliable companion since the company was founded in 1984. Today, Sympatec offers a comprehensive, modular portfolio of the best instruments for analysing particle size and shape in laboratory and process applications based on laser diffraction, dynamic image analysis, dynamic light scattering and ultrasonic extinction.

The evolution of the HELOS sets new standards in laser diffraction technology and dates back to 1984. The classic design enabled the precise measurement of spatially extended dry particle collectives for the first time. Reliable analyses of samples in their original form have also become the standard in the submicron range with the HELOS. Over the last four decades, the measuring range has been extended into both finer and coarser areas.

Partnership on the road to success

An important step in market development was taken more than two decades ago when the Spanish company NOVATEC was acquired as a reliable partner. NOVATEC supplies turnkey systems for quality control of raw materials through to the end product in various industries such as cement, mining, steel and in industrial as well as scientific research.

Since then, Boris Gabilondo has been the contact person for the Spanish-European region and personally received the 5000th HELOS in the Pulverhaus on 4 December 2023. He also invested in a new QICPIC as a demo instrument. In 20 years of successful collaboration, Boris has sold over 40 Sympatec systems in Spain and the Iberian Peninsula - 35 of them HELOS alone.

Innovation and commitment remain the focus for the future

The sale of the 5000th laser diffraction sensor to NOVATEC impressively demonstrates the performance of our global partners and emphasises the joint mission to make high-quality measurement technology solutions available worldwide.

The evolution of laser diffraction technology has brought quality and process control of disperse products to a new level with continuous innovations over the last four decades. Sympatec remains true to its dedication to innovative, application-orientated development and strives to continuously evolve the technologies available to meet the changing needs of the industry. The technology life cycle of laser diffraction is far from reaching its zenith and will continue to play a prominent role in particle measurement technology in the future.

With the vision of "better particles with best instruments", the aim is to open up even broader fields of application and further advance standards in product and method development as well as in quality and process control.

Picture, from left to right: Florian Wulff (Manager Cumputer and Systems), Jörn Schröder (Head of Production), Daniel Gröters (Head of System Integrations), Boris Gabilondo (Executive Director NOVATEC), Max Hollek (Sales Manager Western and Southern Europe), Christian Hallenberger (Former Head of System Integrations), Dr. Sebastian Röthele (Managing Director)