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Marathon in Ekaterinburg

04. Sep 2019

On 11th August our Russian Sympatec team has successfully participated in the Europe-Asia International Marathon. This marathon was held for the fifth time this year and is one of the most popular events in Ekaterinburg. With 10,000 participants from 19 countries around the world, a total prize pool of 1,250,000 rubles (~ 17,080 €) and more than 100,000 photos shot by the best photographers, this event should not be missed.

Dmitry Tausenev, Pavel Ufimtsev, Nadezhda Ekimova and Oleg Bureev have decided on the 10 kilometer route and were able to admire various interesting places during their sportive challenge. The international marathon route Europe-Asia runs traditionally along the historical center, the streets and the embankment of Ekaterinburg. The sights include the Yeltsin Center, the Opera Theater, the Church in honor of all the saints in Russia, and the skyscraper Iset Tower.

We wish our athletes a lot of fun and joy in future competitions!