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Future Day at the Pulverhaus

28. Apr 2022

Finally, the time had come again, the Future Day could take place on site. We are all the more pleased that local school kids found their way to the Pulverhaus to learn more about our work. Seven girls and boys from the 5th to 8th grades took part and were able to discover a lot.

After the welcome, they got a direct insight into the laboratory. Here, measurements were taken with the HELOS and the QICPIC. Particularly fascinating was the QICPIC, which took sharp pictures of alphabet soup or sugar stars with its high-speed camera, which our young talents could later put together to form their name in the particle gallery.

Then it was off to construction/CAD, where the only limit seemed to be the imagination. The starting point was a Lego brick and the consideration of how to design a brick according to one's own ideas by making changes.

In a software development workshop, the participants also got an insight into the programming of the once very popular Pong game from the 1970s. Of course, our artists transformed the game to their liking, and so the ball was quickly turned into a squirrel's head. After a detailed tour of the powder house, the certificates for a successfully completed Future Day in the Pulverhaus were presented. Of course, there were always breaks to catch one's breath, chat, but of course also to eat something tasty. We are looking forward to the next Future Day and hope for lively participation.