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Design competition at TU Clausthal

26. Feb 2023

As part of the development methodology course at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering at Clausthal University of Technology, a design competition was held in which Sympatec GmbH acted as the industrial partner.

The task was to develop an alternative drive system for changing the optics of the devices in the HELOS series, which is based on laser diffraction for particle measurement technology. The 25 students were divided into groups and supervised by scientific staff of the Institute and some of our Particle People.

The results were presented and evaluated by the organisers. The group with Jannik Hochmuth, Verena Matchim, Jessica Rühle and Lydia Maria Ruth Vogelsang received the creative prize for the solution with the greatest innovation potential, while the team with Danny Patrick Ah-rend, Fajar Adi Al Hakiem, Deborah Mirjam Balint, Vincent Czarnowski and Peter-Paul Salzmann received the main prize because their solution idea could be implemented in the most practical way.

Foto: IMW/TU Clausthal