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Clausthaler Kursus PMT

12. Jan 2022

Particle measurement technology: Applications from the nanometer to the millimeter range 2022

Time: May 17 — 20
Location: Dormero Hotel Kaiserworth in Goslar, Germany

Join the course "Particle Measurement Technology" from 17 — 20th May. On 20th May we will present our instruments and you will have the opportunity to ask your questions regarding particle measurement technology. This course introduces the participants to the basics and to the application of modern methods of particle measurement technology. The most important methods are explained from the multiplicity of measuring principles for the determination of particle size distributions of powders, suspensions and aerosols, problems of the application practice being a central component.

This course is ideal for scientists and users of particle measurement technology. If you are interested check out the program and register yourself for this course.

Basics of particle measurement technology

Description of particle characteristics and shape
Measurements on spherical single particles
Measurements on irregular single particles
Display of particle size distributions

Device technical implementation

Sample preparation (including dispersion and sampling)
Imaging techniques (including image analysis)
Counting methods (scattered light devices, Coulter Counter, Laser-Scanner, CPC)
Separation processes (sieving, sedimentation analysis, classifiers, impactors, SMPS)
Spectroscopic methods (laser diffraction, photon cross correlation, ultrasonic extinction)
Averaged properties (BET, density)

Use in practice

Measurement in laboratory with preparation
Process accompanying and monitoring particle measurement technology

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