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Integrated laser granulometry ranging from 0.1 µm to 875 µm in automated laboratories

Together with the powerful and fully-automated dry dispersion unit RODOS/L, the compact laser diffraction sensor HELOS/BR offers fast and repeatable particle size analysis for dry, fine grained products ranging from 0.1 µm to 875 µm. Agglomerative, cohesive powders are also reliably dispersed and measured.

The HELOS system can be integrated in an automated laboratory via various interfaces. The control and evaluation software typically receives an ID and a time stamp for a sample from the control system. Based on this, the system calls up a measurement specification, adjusts the measuring and dispersion parameters fully automatically, performs the measurement and reports the results of the measurement back to the control system. In this way, remote controlled measurements can be performed self-sufficiently in automated operation even if there are frequent product and grade changes.

The dosing of the powder sample is performed via the precision vibratory feeder VIBRI, which guarantees a uniform, controlled product supply for optimum concentration of the sample in the measuring zone. The removal of dust and excess sample material can be optionally performed with an additional extraction system. In order to accelerate the automatic cleaning of the vibratory feeder and the hopper from particularly fine material, the dosing unit can be additionally equipped with a double hammer system.

  • Particle size and particle size distribution
  • For dry, fine grained and also cohesive powders
  • For analyses in automated laboratories
  • Sample amount per analysis 1 mg to 1,000 g
  • 5 high-resolution measuring ranges from 0.1 µm to 875 µm | R1 to R5T
  • Automatic adjustment of all dispersion parameters | Software-controlled
  • Remote control of the measurement procedure via TCP/IP or serial interface
  • Transmission of results to the control system via TCP/IP, Modbus®, Profibus®, OPC, RS232, RS485 | TXT or CSV file transfer


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Laser Diffraction | Dry
Size range: 0.25 µm - 1,750 µm
Sample amount: < 1 mg - 1,000 g

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