Dispersing unit


Universal, fully-automated wet dispersion also for very coarse and dense particles

QUIXEL is the advanced wet dispersing system suitable for particle size analysis on all kinds of suspensions and emulsions in the size range of 0.1 µm to 3.500 µm. Its innovative, tubeless design enables very fast measuring cycles. Even high density particles such as 3 mm ball bearing beads made from stainless steel are safely transported in water through the flow through cell without the need for using special liquids of high viscosity. The wet dispersion process is supported by a built-in ultrasonication unit, which is adjustable by software from 0 to 60 W in 1% steps.

The operation is fully automated. All parameters such as pumping speed etc. are controlled by software. The interface to external sampling and sample preparation stages is fully supported. Special top-lids with automated additive supply are available as an option.

QUIXEL is available in two versions: with a stainless steel flow through cuvette of 2 mm or 6 mm. The flow through cuvette can be easily removed for cleaning purpose. Different gasket materials are available to ensure that the chemical resistance is matched to the product and dispersing fluid (FKM, EPDM or FFKM). Thanks to the lowerable bottom of the basin, quick draining and cleaning are possible in just a few seconds even with high-viscosity dispersion media. Equipment options with internal or external heating and external cooling open up a wide range of applications.

All functions such as filling, degasing, sonication, circulation, draining, pumping speed, the temperature of the suspending liquid, additive supply and the insertion and release of the cuvette can be set manually by the control panel at the front.

QUIXEL has integrated liquid level sensors for automatic filling and draining. An overflow is provided for (manual) excess fillings. The unit consist of:

  • Fill container with pump and level sensor
  • Drain container with level sensor
  • Additive container with pump and level sensor
typical configurations