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PM Tour Hyderabad

20. June 2023 Save date

There are many different kinds of disperse systems - like powders, granules, fibres, suspensions, emulsions or aerosols. Depending on size and shape of the particles, they show different behaviours as a result of their physical properties. But what do they all have in common? They determine the quality of your final product.

Only if these particle properties are measured can they be controlled. In order to measure right - reliable, time and again - we design our instruments to be adaptable to the specific needs of your product. To discover how we might fulfil your requirements, we invite you to this year's Sympatec Particle Measurement Tour at selected locations across Europe. Samples are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you!

Meeting venue: The Lemon Tree Hotel Gachibowli in Hyderabad


Time Topic Speaker





Duraisamy Sivakumar
Assistant Manager Sales - South India
Sympatec India







Duraisamy Sivakumar




Better particles ...
... with best instruments
for particle characterisation



Dr Ulrich Kesten
International Sales Manager
Sympatec GmbH




Duraisamy Sivakumar
Assistant Manager Sales - South India
Sympatec India
Sample handling, preparation and product-specific dispersion in dry, wet and spray applications



Duraisamy Sivakumar




HELOS | MYTOS & Co. | with applications
Particle size analysis with classic laser diffraction

Laboratory | modular | 0.1 µm to 8,750 µm
Process | in-line | 0.25 µm to 3,500 µm



Prakash Singh
National Sales Head
Sympatec India




Coffee break







QICPIC | PICTOS & Co | with applications
Dynamic image analysis for size and shape characterisation

Laboratory | modular | < 1 µm to 34,000 µm
Process | on-line | 2 µm to 20,480 µm



Dr Ulrich Kesten




NANOPHOX | with applications
Analysis of particle size and stability with PCCS in even high concentrated nanodispersions

Laboratory | 0.5 nm – 10,000 nm



Prakash Singh




Invitation for Lunch







HELOS | SPRAYER | for nasal spray & MDI's
HELOS | INHALER | for MDI's, DPI's and Nebulizers
Analysis of particle size with laser diffraction

Laboratory | 0.25 µm to 1,750 µm



Dr Ulrich Kesten




Live-Workshop | Your samples are welcome!
Hands-on particle characterisation in small groups



Duraisamy Sivakumar
Prakash Singh
Dr Ulrich Kesten




Finale  ... extended on demand ...





Hyderabad | IN

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