Carbon Nanohorns

Nano particle size analysis of carbon nano horns in suspensions

Carbon nanohorns (CNH) are single-walled, horn-like carbon nanostructures with diameters of around 3 to 25 nm and lengths from 20 to 150 nm. As with other graphic nanostructures, CNH properties such as high specific surface, high mechanical strength or good electrical and thermal conductivity can be commonly used on the nanoscale. Based on these physical properties, CNH show great potential for innovation in materials science as a base material, a functional filler or coating. In industrial applications, property improvements, for example of thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, or also metallic and ceramic sintering materials are evident.

The carbon nanohorns are often placed in suspension for further processing, where the formation of stable star-shaped aggregates plays a major role in the function or later use. Here, the particle size distribution is an important measurand for identifying various nanoparticle populations. With NANOPHOX you quickly and reliably receive accurate and reproducible information about your product. The dynamic light scattering with photon cross-correlation spectroscopy (PCCS) and a manual NNLS evaluation mode provides a high resolution for reliable differentiation of various particle populations.

Identification of particle populations

The volume-related particle size distribution (Q3 distribution) shows two particle populations. The first peak comes from the desired spherical aggregates with diameters of around 100 nm. The large agglomerates from around 200 nm up to the micrometre range in the second peak are coarse particles (agglomerates) that are formed from the spherical, star-shaped aggregates.

  • Manufacturing of very pure fractions of carbon nanohorns
  • Verification of various particle populations
  • Identification of primary particles and agglomerates

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Application strengths

  • Measurement of the particle size distribution with a high resolution
  • Efficient analysis of the dispersion quality of the CNH suspension
  • Reliable identification of agglomerates
  • Efficient stability measurement
  • Display of several particle populations

Customer benefits

  • Improvement of the long-term stability of the CNH suspensions
  • Shortening of sample preparation time
  • Controlled growth process for the production of carbon nanohorns

Typical configuration



DLS | Nanoparticles
Size range: 0.5 nm - 10,000 nm
Analysis volume: 50 µl - 4 ml