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HELOS&OASIS for particle size analyisis of aerosols, suspensions and emulsions

Laser diffraction sensor HELOS/BF and combined Dry & Wet Disperser OASIS inserted in the measuring zone for particle size analysis from 0.1 µm to 875µm (to 8750 µm with HELOS/KF).

Technical specifications and dimensions.

HELOS, the well proven laser diffraction sensor is the first system for which one evaluation method is applied over the whole measuring range from 0.1 µm to 8750 µm. It is the classical instrument for particle size analysis of dry and wet samples, i.e. of powders, suspensions, emulsions or sprays. It is entirely built to the specifications of ISO 13320-1 "Particle size analysis - laser diffraction methods".

High resolution and guaranteed reproducibility, combined with high speed data acquisition and standardised evaluation of the diffraction pattern, result in superior solutions.

The HELOS analysis system with its modular configuration and in combination with appropriate dispersing units adapts in an ideal way to the products to be analysed.

Highlights of HELOS
(Helium-Neon Laser Optical System)

HELOS represents a family of laser diffraction sensors, which are all built to the same high quality standards. Members of the family are:

Model Measuring range Application
0.1 - 875 µm
off-line / at-line
0.1 - 8750 µm
off-line / at-line
0.1 - 8750 µm
off-line / at-line
0.25 - 3500 µm
on-line / in-line

Outstanding performance characteristics common to all HELOS sensors:

One measuring principle for the complete size range from 0.1 µm to 8,750 µm,
in a parallel laser beam of 632.8 nm, fully compliant with ISO 13320.
Up to eight measuring range modules are selected by software, each using a specially designed
(Fourier-) objective for highest precision and resolution of the particle size distribution.
Modular design structure for best adaptation of the sensor to the analysis of powders, suspensions, emulsions, aerosols and sprays with specific dispersing units.
Precision semicircular (180°) multi-element photo-detector with auto-alignment for optimum acquisition of the diffraction patterns, especially of non-spherical particles.
Automatic adaptation of the beam diameter to the measuring range allowing for largest working distances, which is important e.g. for the measurements of extended aerosols etc.
Evaluation of particle size distributions with
  • Fraunhofer theory (applicable without knowledge of optical parameters) or
  • Mie theory (for spherical, isotropic, homogeneous particles with known complex refractive index,
    as an option).
WINDOX 5 software for control of the instruments and evaluation of particle size analysis data:
  • one software supports all off-line, at-line, on-line, in-line instruments,
  • data base oriented, multi-sensor capable, designed for > 106 HELOS measurements,
  • compliant with 21 CFR rule 11.
  • Up to 2000 particle size distributions per second can be acquired using the integrated time resolved mode.
Rigid full metal housing with integrated precision optical bench allowing for the operation of the sensor in any orientation, i.e. upside down for spray applications or even vertical.

Particle size analysis with laser diffraction
0.1 µm - 8750 µm

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Dry & wet dispersion

HELOS/BF with dry / wet disperser combination OASIS

HELOS/BF with dry / wet disperser combination OASIS

HELOS/KF-VARIO with flexible width of the measuring zone, e.g. for spray apllication

HELOS/KF-VARIO mounted on a flexible optical bench rail; preferably applied for spray analysis

Dry dispersion

RODOS with dry disperser RODOS and particles "glowing" in the laser beam

HELOS and dry disperser RODOS with feeder VIBRI

HELOS/KF with gravity disperser GRADIS, the lens revolving unit is visible inside the housing

HELOS/KF with gravity disperser GRADIS

Wet dispersion

HELOS and wet disperser QUIXEL for hig speed anylsis of suspensions and emulsions

HELOS/BF with advanced wet disperser QUIXEL

HELOS and wet disperser SUCELL

HELOS/BF with classic wet disperser SUCELL

HELOS and CUVETTE SM/US for the anylsis of very fine suspensions and emulsions

HELOS and wet disperser CUVETTE SM/US for small sample quantities

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