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TOP10 Pharma Machinery Providers 2019

16. Jun 2019

Considering the nature of the business, the pharmaceutical industry operates in one of the most dynamic environments and is full of challenges. Sympatec is very proud beeing on the annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of tackling customer challenges.

The most common among them is adhering to the regulatory compliance. “There is no point in making a good drug if you can’t meet the regulations to get it to the patients,” points out Stefan Steigerwald, CEO of Sympatec Inc. The company helps pharmaceutical clients in meeting the regulatory guidelines concerning the particle size of drugs and excipients, with focus on inter-instrument comparability. With Sympatec’s particle measurement instruments, clients get the most accurate, reproducible and comparable results at shortest measuring times in laboratory as well as in process settings. “For quality control, our clients look for valid particle sizing results. This starts in product and methods development and has to follow on every step of the scale-up process from lab bench to production scale. By employing the same measuring principles and technologies, comparability between lab and in-process control is achieved. The ability to control your process in real time really contributes to achieving Quality by Design,” mentions Dr. Sebastian Röthele, Head of Marketing at Sympatec.

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TOP10 Pharma Machinery Provider 2019