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Short Course on Atomization and Sprays 2021

17. May 2021

Time: May 17- 21
Location: Online

The seventh edition of the "Short Course on Atomization and Sprays" will take place from May 17 - 21. With this course the organizer Technical University of Darmstadt addresses researchers and graduate students as well as engineers from all over the world to come together and discuss atomization and sprays.

Topics, such as the current understanding and state-of-the-art of atomization fundamentals, their realization in atomizer systems and their application in a wide variety of engineering branches will be covered. A lively discussion between attendees is encouraged.  

Based on the course’s main subject technical sprays our sales and application engineer Alexander Kaestner showcases our high-resolution laser diffraction sensor HELOS/KR-Vario, imparting knowledge about reliable and reproducible particle size analyses on May 18. We look forward to meeting you!

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Short Course on Atomization and Sprays