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25. SAMPE-Symposium 2020 in Kassel

03. Feb 2020

25. SAMPE-Symposium 2020 in Kassel | Germany

Time: Feburary 18 - 19
Location: Kassel, Germany

SAMPE is an international organization promoting technical excellence in materials and process engineering with a total of 5,000 engineers, technologists and scientists. The anniversary event will take place for the first time in Kassel. An interesting and diversified program is waiting for you, so use this opportunity to have stimulating and informative discussions with our experts on particle measurement technology at this event.

We present the full power of dynamic image analysis with QICPIC on site. In shortest time QICPIC evaluates millions of particles with powerful algorithms and guarantees outstanding statistically relevant results. Particle size, particle size distribution and a variety of shape parameters for dry, free flowing powders, fibers and granules can be determined.

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