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LIQIBACK preparation unit for wet dispersers

Preparation unit LIQIBACK comprising two suspension reservoirs and a filter & pump trolley
for all kinds of closed loop wet dispersers, e.g. SUCELL, QUIXELL, MIXELL etc..

Technical specifications and dimensions.

The operation of wet dispersers becomes costly if special dispersion liquids such as alcohols or organic solvents are used. For the re-use of dispersing liquids Sympatec offers LIQIBACK, a recycling module suitable for all our wet dispersers and most of the dispersing liquids used.

LIQIBACK comprises a sequence of two sedimentation reservoirs and two subsequent cartridge filter stages and a impeller pump, the latter operation is controlled by the disperser. The two reservoirs (20 litre each) are manually filled with the dispersing liquid. The liquid is pumped by an impeller pump through the two 10" cartridge filters (1 µm and 0.45 µm) to the fill connector of the dispersing unit.

The loop is closed by connecting the drain connector of the disperser to the first reservoirs, which also acts as a sedimentation stage. Two differential pressure gauges monitor the filter condition.

For easy access to the filter cartridges, the filter stage can be lifted and tilted by 40°. As the materials in contact to the liquid are stainless steel and PTFE a large variety of liquids can be used.


Pump Motor Voltages of 110V is available in adittion to 230V AC as an option

Standard gasket material: SS, PP, EPDM and PTFE.

  • EPDM can be replaced by NBR as an option
  • PP an be replaced by PES as ab option


A three-phase pump asynchronous motor with 415 V with ATEX approval is available as an option.
Only the pump motor is ATEX approved, not the system!
Barrel heater as an option


Preparation Unit for Wet Dispersers


LIQIBACK front view Front view showing the two filters and pressure gauges.

LIQIBACK rear view Rear view of LIQIBACK with control box and impleller pump.

LIQIBACK reservois Two stainless steel reservoirs for suspension

LIQIBACK reservois heat insulated Suspensions reservoirs with external heating option

Change of Filter Cartridges

VIBRI-LRH LIQIBACK lifted and ready for exchanging the filter cartridges.

Symbol: Sympatec Cactus
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