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Sympatec as a renowned manufacturer of equipment for the characterisation of size, shape, distribution and concentration of particulate and disperse products and matters has based the development of its diverse instruments on the expertise of experts in particle technology and physics.

The development of the now available instruments has always been based upon the guideline that specific physical principals have limitations, which have to be respected in order to achieve results of highest quality and reliability.

All of the instruments are of modular design and realisation so that optimum technical solutions can be suggested to our customers for their specific demands.

Our basic guideline has always been that the determination of the requested parameters (size, shape, distribution) for dry products and materials made in dry processes, dry analysis is the preferred method.

Consequently, if the particulate matters are made in suspension or emulsion based processes, wet analysis is the preferred method:

dry products dry wet products wet


Based upon above criteria Sympatec have made available an Assortment of instruments using Laser Diffraction (LD), Ultrasonic Extinction (USE), Image Analysis (IA) and Photon Cross-correlation Spectroscopy (PCCS) principles for the characterisation of size, shape, distribution and concentration. This assortment covers particles from diameters as small as on nanometre and as large as several centimetres.

Instruments are available for applications in R&D environments, for standard lab control as well as for installations in process environments.

Measuring Ranges of Sympatecs InstrumentsImage AnalyisLaser DiffractionPhoton Cross-correlation SpectroscopyUltrasonic Extinction

Laser Diffraction (LD): 0.1 - 8,750 µm
Ultrasonic Extinction (USE): < 0.1 - 3,000 µm
Photon Cross-correlation Spectroscopy (PCCS): 0.5 nm - 10 µm
Image Analysis (IA): 0.55 - 33,972 µm
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Portfolio of Sympatec

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